Drinking my coffee black!

Drinking coffee without cream or sugar… this may not seem like a big deal to you but let me tell you… It is a HUGE deal for me!

Coffee has never been something that I have looked to for staying awake.

Instead, there’s just something about a morning cup of coffee that is incredibly comforting.

The problem is that my preferred cuppa-joe, has about a quarter cup of flavored non-dairy creamer in it!  NO! I have never actually measured it.  I can tell when my husband exlaims, “WOW!!!”  that I am pouring an excessive amount of the liquid chemical calories into my mug!  Why? Because while I love the smell of my morning comfort call, I’m not usually so crazy about the taste alone.  I’ve been asked by friends if I drink a little coffee in my cream!

I’ve realized for quite some time that I really need to curb this morning ritual.  I’ve tried hot tea, but if I try to drink any kind of tea first thing in the morning, I literally get sick to my stomach.  (I must note, however that a friend told me to try real tea leaves sometime to see if it has the same effect.  She explained that tea bags use the … in her words “garbage leftovers”. I’ll try it one of these days, but I digress…)

I’ve tried to drink coffee black. I only can do this in nicer restaurants that have some kind of secret delicious coffee!  I have never been able to make coffee at home that I could drink without changing the flavor first.  I have tried many times to just quit coffee… the old “all or nothing” decision strikes again!

I was currently on another attempted “coffee strike” when I received an invitation from BzzAgent.  I was sent  an invitation to try Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified coffee.  Well, who am I to turn down a Bzz Campaign?  I quickly accepted and here is what I received: IMAG0006

BzzAgent sent me 6 free K-cups of Green Mountain Coffee’s Fair Trade Three Continent Blend.

The description on the box is this: “Three different continents come together in this harmonious, Extra Bold blend.  Sumatran beans lay down the bass notes with lush, hearty body; South American occupies the mid-range with sweet smoothness and balanced fruity notes; the delicate floral finish is unmistakably Ethiopian.”

I decided to try it yesterday. The only reason I was on a coffee-strike anyway was because I’m really trying to ban sugar and chemicals from my diet.  Besides…  it was a perfect day to have coffee! It was a little chilly outside and I had been up since 2:30 am, gone to the gym for an intense workout at 5 am, and had a long day ahead of me.   If I was really going to taste this coffee, I had to try it black!

I was so happily surprised! The flavor was so good!  The description on the box was very accurate!  I couldn’t put it better.  There was no bitterness at all, which I think is the reason I typically cannot drink coffee without adding anything to it.  I happily finished the mug and I had another enjoyable cup today!

To me, this is the answer to all my coffee problems! I will definitely purchase this coffee again and I also highly recommend that you try it yourself!  Please let me know in the comments if you would like a code to receive $2 off your online purchase.  As you see in the picture, BzzAgent also sent me several coupon codes to receive a Keurig coffee maker for 50% off.  Let me know if you would like that code as well!

This does not only solve my coffee “problems”.  Buying Fair Trade coffee helps others as well!  Buying Fair Trade coffee helps ensure that coffee farmers receive a fair price for their beans which means a better cup of coffee for me, and a better life for the coffee farmers!

Find out how and even more about Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee, by visiting ChooseFairTrade.com .

To learn more about BzzAgent, visit BzzAgent.com.

*Please note that BzzAgent did send me free samples of the Green Mountain Fair Trade Three Continent Blend.  BzzAgent requires me to only give my honest opinion on products they send to sample.  All opinions in this post are 100% sincerely my own!


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