PRE- New Years Resolutions!!

I don’t know about you but 2013 has really flown by so fast for me!  I’m trying to remember some of the events of the year and it’s all a huge blur!

With that being said, there are only 21 days left until 2014!

I get very excited about fresh starts and it’s one reason that I’m not a hater of Mondays (NEW WEEK!) and what a better time to make some new starts than a brand new year!

This year I would like to get a jump-start on some of those goals.  If I start thinking NOW about some of the goals I would like to achieve in the new year, I have 21 days to really plan and work things out before the big day comes!

One big goal I would like to address today is WRITING!  I would love to give blogging more attention.  I’ve been blogging on and off since 2005 (Oh, if only I had stuck with it and not deleted my old blogs!) and it’s one thing I keep coming back to.  I love the idea of having my own little piece of the web to talk about all the things I love!

Now I’ll admit, my goal for blogging in 2014 is pretty ambitious, especially considering how crazy busy my schedule is and that I have hardly blogged at all in the last couple of years but here it is:

My blogging goal for 2014 is to BLOG EVERY DAY!!!

I know! Crazy!

But it’s a challenge that excites me, so why not?

I acknowledge that at the beginning, not every post will be interesting (if any of them are) but the hope is that by writing everyday, I will get better!!

Genius is not the realm of genetics.  Genius is the realm of practice. - Robin Sharma

I have other general resolutions like everyone else regarding things such as fitness and getting organized, but I will address those goals and plans in future posts.

HEY!  I need to leave something to write about if I’m going to be writing every day!

So who’s with me??? How about getting a jump start on your New Years Resolutions 21 days early!

Let me know what your 2014 goals are in the comments below!  I could use some added inspiration myself!


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