PRE- New Years Resolutions!!

I don’t know about you but 2013 has really flown by so fast for me!  I’m trying to remember some of the events of the year and it’s all a huge blur!

With that being said, there are only 21 days left until 2014!

I get very excited about fresh starts and it’s one reason that I’m not a hater of Mondays (NEW WEEK!) and what a better time to make some new starts than a brand new year!

This year I would like to get a jump-start on some of those goals.  If I start thinking NOW about some of the goals I would like to achieve in the new year, I have 21 days to really plan and work things out before the big day comes!

One big goal I would like to address today is WRITING!  I would love to give blogging more attention.  I’ve been blogging on and off since 2005 (Oh, if only I had stuck with it and not deleted my old blogs!) and it’s one thing I keep coming back to.  I love the idea of having my own little piece of the web to talk about all the things I love!

Now I’ll admit, my goal for blogging in 2014 is pretty ambitious, especially considering how crazy busy my schedule is and that I have hardly blogged at all in the last couple of years but here it is:

My blogging goal for 2014 is to BLOG EVERY DAY!!!

I know! Crazy!

But it’s a challenge that excites me, so why not?

I acknowledge that at the beginning, not every post will be interesting (if any of them are) but the hope is that by writing everyday, I will get better!!

Genius is not the realm of genetics.  Genius is the realm of practice. - Robin Sharma

I have other general resolutions like everyone else regarding things such as fitness and getting organized, but I will address those goals and plans in future posts.

HEY!  I need to leave something to write about if I’m going to be writing every day!

So who’s with me??? How about getting a jump start on your New Years Resolutions 21 days early!

Let me know what your 2014 goals are in the comments below!  I could use some added inspiration myself!


Are you using these apps yet?

Do you recognize these two logos???

Well, they just so happen to represent two  apps I downloaded this week and I’m really excited about them!


The first is Evernote.  I have heard about them for a while but this weekend I was reading one of my favorite organizing blogs and I decided to take her advice and check out Evernote. Now I’m wondering, “Why didn’t I get this app sooner?”

I love technology and helpful apps but in a lot of ways, I still prefer writing things such as to do lists and shopping lists on paper!  One big problem with paper lists for me is that I have a darling little girl who likes to steal my notebooks to draw in and once she get’s her hands on them, I usually lose my lists and start again in a new notebook, only to have the process start over again, and again and… well you get the point.

I have only been using Evernote for two days but so far I have 4 notebooks:

  • Check it out:  Things I want to look up when I have more time.
  • To Do
  • Shopping list
  • Writing Ideas

I always have my phone with me so I always have my lists with me to either refer to or to add to.

I also downloaded Evernote to my desktop computer and have it set up to automatically sync.

Evernote really seems like it will truly be a useful productivity tool for me! There are no distractions on it such as on Pinterest or Instagram.  Don’t get me wrong! I love those apps but I love them a little too much and the goal here is for me to make better use of my time!!

Evernote has other tools and one I’m looking forward to trying is Evernote Food which I can use to download recipes or keep a list of restaurants or recipes I want to try.

The other app I want to tell you about is called  I found it when I was looking around on Pinterest for weight loss ideas.

Again I just started using LoseIt this morning but so far it seems pretty easy and straight forward and I am hopeful it is a tool that will really help me reach my fitness goals.

I signed up and answered a couple of questions about my weight and height and age and how much I wanted to lose and it gave me a goal date and told me how many calories I need to stay within. I also found a two week wellness challenge on it that starts today and I joined!  So far today I burned 700 calories at the gym and have logged about 400 calories for breakfast and pre-workout snack.

I’m not good at counting calories at all and have always resisted it but I have also read how helpful it is to keep track of what you eat.  I can already see how this will make me more conscientious about decisions I make!   Writing down what I’m eating is a  good reminder that it’s not true that what I eat on the weekends doesn’t count!! The program tells me I should reach my goal by March 10th!  That’s less than 5 months away!!! I’m very motivated and hopeful!

Again, since I always have my phone with me, keeping track of my food and excercise should be a lot more convenient!

So there you have it! Two free apps that I really believe will help me reach my productivity and fitness goals!


Have you tried these apps? Do you have any tips or tricks about them you would like to share?  If you haven’t, it’s definitely worth checking out!